About Us

Who We Are

With a segment of Media going completely wrong in our country, educators and parents need to be more aware about child behaviour patterns. The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece, but with the help of educators and parents, we shall collect data points, add business intelligence and convert data into information which will enhance awareness of child pattern and hence lead to overall child development.

While we want to contribute to society with a better set of generation for tomorrow, we ensure providing high value to every contributor. We bring entire school community under single platform and help them communicate in real time environment. Be it Management looking for updated cash flows or school principal looking at their daily dashboard, or the parent in hunt for some information, all look at the single portal and get their solution.

Highlighting the transparency, SchoolBuz is a web solution that fits perfectly into the picture of all primary, elementary and high schools. The whole software is very user friendly and can be accessed within the ease of a single click.

The model provides an easy access to the recent updates that happened in the school throughout the day in the form of notifications. Each user has its own separate account. Daily updates like the attendance, performance, syllabus, marks and all necessary aspects of a school can be grabbed instantaneously with its effective usage.

We are team of passionate people who are on their mission to integrate students, teachers and parents under a single roof, thus providing them with the utmost access of every happening within the school premises. This automated software is easy to use and extremely beneficial.



We want to keep our design simple and user friendly even for somebody who is only familiar with an email system like gmail. As simple as using facebook. Anyone should be able to use our system without any sort of training.


Our team is constantly working on centralisation so that information can flow flawlessly between different departments. We work hard to minimize user inputs still provide meaningful reports.


We open multiple channels of communication with our customer ensuring that customer problem is given utmost attention. Along with an account manager as SPOC, there is a 24x7 customer support number and a ticketing system. All this with SLA of 24 hours.