Cloud Based School ERP

Features to Empower Educational Institutes

Tools and Features available in SchoolBuz empowers Schools and Colleges to run administrative work efficiently. SchoolBuz provides user friendly interface to make sure users can start working with minimal training. SchoolBuz ERP modules helps in managing Student Enrollment, Fees, Timetable, Attendance, Homework, Transport and many more.

You keep your focus on child development and let SchoolBuz take care of administrative tasks and process automation. Get acquainted with SchoolBuz modules and ask us for Demo to explain features in more detail.

Student Enrolment

SchoolBuz provides easy and quick way to enroll new students. Students Information can be easily searched and reports can be printed.

Lead Management

Manage admission enquiries with Lead Management tool. It helps in getting more admissions by easy tracking and follow up methods.


Fast and efficient way to prepare timetable. Prepare timetables in advance and activate when required. Display timetable daywise, classwise and teacherwise.

Notice Board (SMS/Email)

Notices and Circulars can be broadcasted by sending SMS and Email. Schools can keep everyone updated with latest happenings and important updates.

Personal Dashboard

Multiple Dashboards are available for providing personalized experience for Administrator, Principle, Faculty, Parents and Students.

Role Based Permissions

Users will have access to modules based on permissions granted by administrator. We keep all measures to keep your data secure and safe.

CCE Examination

SchoolBuz provides easy way to capture SA-FA marks and lifeskill grades. It automatically create CCE Examination Reports as per CBSE guidelines.

SMS/Email Alert

Use Email and SMS as alert system. SchoolBuz provides you faclity to keep everyone updated using SMS and Email Alerts.

Internal Messaging

Internal Communication System is more sacure than using emails. Teachers and Parents can login into SchoolBuz ERP and send messages to each other.

Event Calendar

Event Calendar will keep record of all festivals, holidays, examination and functions. Anyone can access event details by login into system.


Easy way to manage transport by preparing bus route based on number of students. Transport charges will be automatically linked with fees module.

Social Media Integration

Every School and College want to post important updates and event details on Facebook and Twitter. This module will increase your visibility on Social Media.

Student Attendance

Teachers can login from laptop or mobile and take student attendance. Auto absent alert can be used to send SMS to parents if student is not present in school.


Teachers can get rid of writing diaries if they want to use Homework Module. Even absent students can download homework and prepare for next day.

Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery is similar to Facebook Albums. School can upload event photos to picture gallery and everyone can view photos anytime.

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