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Better Children Better Nation

As humans the only thing we can give to our society is “Better Children” and as Clark Kerr said “On a global scale, wealth and prosperity have become more dependent on the access to knowledge than the access to natural resources”.

Parents send their children to school, with the hope, that their children will become great learners and learn tools they need to succeed in life. On the other hand, school assume that parents will provide necessary guidance and support to their children which will help child to grow and learn. In this vicious circle, where parents and school share the common resource of children, is the one in focus and in question. School and Parents both are equally responsible and they contribute equally toward child growth.

Good relationship between parents and child’s teacher improve their grades and chances of doing well. The more parents are involved in what their child is learning, the more they can offer support. Parents are happy to support a school program in which they contribute in decision-making. At the same time, parental involvement insures that their cultural values and interest are respected.

Event Participation

Our periodic contest provides a great platform for you to showcase your unmatched talent and earn fame for yourself and for your school. Give your school a moment of pride.

Missed School

Were you sick and could not attend school? No worries, our system shall eradicate chances of child facing any academic lapse due to absence in school.

Reward and Recognition

Child achievements are recorded and published to the entire school. This instil confidence and sense of repetition in the child, hence overall improvement in child progress.

Create Community

Create your own community of school friends. Always stay connected and find them with you, when you need them. Ask questions and get answers from the entire community.

Expert Advice

Get your profile reviewed from experts and they will suggest best career to choose based on your profile checkpoints. This will involve your academic, behavioural and psychometrics.

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