• Online School Management System
    School Management System
    Cloud Based System for Schools and Colleges
    SchoolBuz is complete school management system
    in secure cloud which can be accessed through internet
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    SchoolBuz Desktop Application
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    Administration Made Easy
    Best School Management Software
    Cheap and Reliable School Management Software that
    facilitate Schools to manage their administrative work
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    SchoolBuz Desktop Application
    SchoolBuz TAB APP
    SchoolBuz Mobile APP

Easy School Management

Every school has different needs. Every school works differently. We let you configure the system the way you want and that works best for you. You can make the choice and adjust as you go.

Competitive Edge

Is your school happening the way you wanted? Enter the league of technology enabled schools, and enjoy competitive edge with our School Management Software

Cloud Services

Your school data is sensitive and confidential. We respect data privacy and we keep them on worlds most preferred, reliable and secured cloud servers of Amazon.

Reliable Customer Support

No more talking to various customer support executives. A dedicated account manager from day one so nothing is left unheard and you get faster resolution.

Let Parents Choose You

Studies confirm if parents were able to get timely answers from school authorities, their satisfaction level increased. Need of a technology solution is impeccable.

Virtual Tour

Every parent desire to have a close look at the school facility before making a firm decision of admission. Allow parents to visit your facility without burdening your staff.

About Us

We want to bring positive changes in education industry

We are team of passionate people who are on their mission to provide
tools and methods that can measure academic and behavioural patterns of the child

The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece
with the help of educators and parents we shall collect data points
and convert data into information which will enhance awareness of child behaviour pattern

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Online School Management Software

Our solution is best School Management System No more data duplication or removal of human errors.
No more wastage of time in making reports and data sheets realted to attendance, exams etc.

Let us show you how our School Management Application can help your school.

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