School ERP : Shed your Workload

Focus On Child Development

After the parents, teachers are given the highest regards. Teachers are second parent to a child. Future of a country largely depends on the educators and hence they hold an important position in our society. They are the ones who inculcate discipline, learning, moral obligations in a child.

A teacher can command provided he has the right set of tools to educate and complete awareness about his/her students. They must be able to track child academic and behavioural activities to align their teaching methods to best help the child. In today world when a teacher has to handle multiple children simultaneously and are responsible to report to management and handle parents queries, need of technological solutions is impeccable. We as a team acknowledge this challenge and help school teachers to add information once in the system which further gets broadcasted to required audience, reducing their work manifolds.

Parent Communication

Parental involvement improve student performance. Our system allow parents to not only check events, picture gallery but also allows them to keep a constant check on student performance.

Powerful Reports

A system that ensures accuracy of information that is accessible from anywhere – work, home or travel - 24 hours a day. No more decency on staff member.

Public Profile

Does parents know you well? Let parents know your better side with selective information on your profile. Parents will have more trust on you, when they know you well.

Reduced Work Load

Do you still write diary for your students? Do you still have parents coming back and complaining? No more diary writing, paper printing or sending notices and circulars.

Recommendation System

As much as it is important to know parents concern, it is equally important to capture parent’s happiness in form of a recommendation. Let school know parents satisfaction level.

Easy To Use

For the system to be effective, it should be used by everyone. It should be easy to check/post information for parents as well as for school administrators and teachers.

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