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Schools are no less than a corporate. Process driven organizations develop lasting relationships. Every business is in quest for maximising their profits. Long lasting success is nothing less demanding than a warrior fighting to get Holy Grail. The only mantra is to keep your resources focused towards customer satisfaction. Every parent is a customer to school and entire school community strive to keep parent happy to be successful in business.

Studies reveal the top 5 reasons why parents will choose a particular school:

  • Better Student Discipline
  • Better Learning Environment
  • Smaller Class Size
  • Improved Student Safety
  • Individual attention to a child
If parents have ready information on above deciding factors, it becomes fairly easy for a parent to make decision. We device methods which does not increase work load of school staff, yet are able to give parents enough reason to choose your school over others.

A microscopic view of the above points reveals that all a parent is looking for is constant and immediate information of their activities, weather positive or negative. This gives them an opportunity to control the damage without delay. All they look for is an update from class teacher of how their child is doing. . For a teacher to cope up with this situation is challenging, however, our system and process helps you achieve your desired satisfaction level with parents. Our system exchange real time information with parents and fulfil their need of individual attention for their child. With updated information readily available to parents, they feel their child is safer. Since they are now able to interact with the teacher frequently their confidence on learning environment increases. Hence the need of a holistic management solutions is inevitable.

The risk of losing students to other K-12 schools in educational marketplace has tremendously increased, it is in school benefit to timely provide parents with their desired information. Based on studies, lack of information flow can increase up 79% of negative impact on a parent’s decision on whether to admit/continue his or her children there. It’s time for action.

Public Relations

Put your thoughts in our global blog and increase your reach to every parent associated in our system. Imagine addressing packed auditorium, applauding for you.

Personal Secretary

As a business owner, you would not like missing anything. Manage your personal calendar and our auto reminder system will never let you forget anything.

Lead Management

Every constructive step forward will help you generate more leads. You will hate if lead was not attended. Let our system do timely follow-up with your leads and ensure better conversion.

Holistic Approach

Tired of using multiple solutions and multiple vendors? Tired of making data entry in multiple application. Enjoy tools that school needs, integrated under single login.

Payment Collection

We live in e-commerce world. Enable parents to make secured online payment. Let them pay fee, pay for event tickets, buy uniform and stationary or just about anything.

Hosted Solution

A hosted solution that sits in secure and professionally managed Amazon servers. It is always up and accessible from school, home or office. No hardware and software to buy.

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